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On the relationship between brand creation and packaging design (Part 2)

second, strengthen brand personality

every successful commodity packaging relies heavily on the creative overall visual design, and accurately mastering the "marketing strategy" is an important basis for the source of creativity. Visual design should be the shaping of enterprise temperament and brand personality. It is a design that integrates visual effect and psychological effect. Through a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the product positioning, defining the consumer class, sales price and marketing strategy, we can present a high level of creative design results

a successful packaging design is not only a packaging appearance with pictures and texts, but also an opportunity to create a brand image that will impress consumers. If the packaging design does not emphasize the individuality of the brand, it will not be able to show its uniqueness in a wide range of commodities. The use of photography, painting, fonts, colors and other visual communication means, as well as the ingenious arrangement form, are all beneficial weapons to strengthen the brand personality. In the food category, there are numerous brands that provide a certain development opportunity for manufacturers of coatings and adhesives. If they want to stand out from the crowd, the success of packaging undoubtedly plays a huge role. This success not only refers to the beauty of the packaging, but also includes the degree of strengthening the brand personality. For example, "after eight o'clock" chocolate is a world-famous chocolate brand. Its charm is not only unique in taste, but also unique in packaging design: the color is calm, the pattern is classical, especially the clock figure with the pointer leaning towards after eight o'clock, which echoes the brand name in meaning, and the packaging design is very special. Another chocolate brand is also deeply loved by consumers for its personalized packaging. It is "Mozart" chocolate in Austria. The concise red color sets off the portrait of Mozart, a musician. Even among many chocolate brands, consumers can still easily identify him. Its packaging shape is also different. One of them is a violin shaped packaging, so that consumers can not only enjoy delicious chocolate about caring about experimental power, but also feel the charm of music. All these designs are based on the consistency with the corporate image to strengthen the personality of the brand and make the audience more impressed

III. deepening brand image

as people's living standards have improved, people's requirements for commodity quality have also been relatively sublimated. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out serialization and supporting design according to different uses, quality, grades and applicable objects, especially drugs, cosmetics, alcohol, etc. in the design process, it is necessary to fully express people's demand psychology in terms of functions, so as to show detailed characteristics

it is very important to strive for the consistency of style when designing packaging, so that it will not be confused with other similar competitive brands, and can be used to strengthen the repeatability. In recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the development of emerging markets for extruders to adjust their brand image. While maintaining a consistent design style, different types of series products can use color changes to achieve the purpose of differentiation. For example, Marlboro has a variety of series products. In addition to the core product "red Marlboro", there are also "Marlboro 100", "techun Marlboro" and "Bohe Marlboro". These extended products all maintain the same packaging visual design style. For example, the design difference between "techun Marlboro" and "red Marlboro" is that the packaging uses light yellow instead of red, so that the brand image can be deepened in derivative products

we can not only use the change of color, but also change the product picture or brand name, and change the layout to distinguish different products, but we should always adhere to the same style in the means of expression and style to continue the consistency of the overall brand. The family should pay full attention to the brands formed by the combination of several brands at different levels, and correctly use the design to reflect the relationship and integrity between them. So as to further deepen the brand image

in the vast ocean of modern commodities, packaging has evolved from a single function of protecting commodities to a composite function of promoting commodities and enhancing corporate image. Packaging design has also changed from the original beautification to a design strategy, which runs through the whole process of product development, production and sales. The shaping of different brand images is inseparable from packaging design, Packaging design has become an indispensable part of shaping a good brand image. Only when we fully understand the attributes of commodities and the personality of consumers, can we reasonably use visual language to integrate packaging design and brand creation

xiaoderong, School of environmental art and design, Zhongnan Forestry University, Hunan packaging

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