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On the relationship between color printing and computer technology Abstract: by analyzing the process of color printing, this paper puts forward the requirements for computer hardware and software technology in the process of color prepress, and introduces the composition of color prepress system, the development prospect and existing problems of color printing technology

key words: printing technology; Prepress technology

color printing technology is generally divided into three stages: prepress technology, printing process and post press processing. Modern color printing technology has appeared photographic color separation plate making and electronic color separation plate making. The traditional photographic color separation and electronic color separation plate making technology is to use the photographic color separation or electronic color separation machine to separate the image, and then combine the image and text together to form a complete page through manual composition. Due to the complex process and inconvenient operation, these technologies have been mastered by a few people for a long time. With the development of computer technology, electronic prepress technology has developed rapidly. Desktop publishing system (DTP), which takes computer as the main tool, has become the mainstream of electronic prepress technology with its advantages of convenience, intuition and rapidity

desktop publishing system (DTP) is mainly used to process graphics, images and text, and combine the processed graphics, images and text into the layout, and then output the whole page. The biggest feature of DTP is to use the "what you see is what you get" advantage of the computer to complete the scheme design and layout composition on the computer screen, that is, the text, graphics and images are combined to select the appropriate force measurement range at the same time to form a complete page. This complete page is digitally operated, which is easy to operate, accurate in positioning and convenient in measurement. At the same time, the overall quality of the output layout is better than the traditional manual composition

1. Color prepress technology and computer technology

color electronic prepress technology came into being with the development of computer technology. The development of computer technology mainly includes hardware and software. The color electronic prepress technology processes a large amount of images, graphics and characters, and has a large amount of complex data. For example, if an A4 size color image meets the printing accuracy requirements (300 ~ 350dpi), its file size is greater than 24MB. If the size is increased, the data will be multiplied. The development of computer technology makes it possible

1.1 requirements of color prepress technology on computer hardware

computer hardware directly determines the speed and quality of data processing, display, storage and transmission, mainly including the following aspects:

1.1.1 operation speed

the speed of computer operation directly determines the processing speed of graphics and image data. Therefore, the main frequency of CPU that determines the computer operation speed has become an important standard to measure the computer grade. Generally used for color prepress technology 3) testprogram The main frequency of computer CPU processed by exe program editor shall not be lower than 100MHz

1.1.2 display technology

the processing effects of graphics and images in the process of color prepress processing are all reflected by the computer display. The display is an important input and output window of man-machine dialogue, and the related display technology has become an important aspect of color prepress technology. Generally, it is required that the display dot spacing should be less than 0.26mm, the refresh frequency should be greater than 72HZ, and the display memory should be greater than 2MB

1.1.3 storage technology

in the color prepress processing technology, the processed electronic files are often tens or hundreds of MB, so the storage and backup of data become very important, and it is inevitable to adopt large capacity and high-speed storage equipment. These devices have built-in hard disk (such as SCSI interface 10GB), external active hard disk, rewritable CD, M O. (capacity above 640MB and 230MB), tape drive, etc

1.1.4 network transmission technology

in the process of prepress processing, due to the large amount of page data processed and the large number of pages, it is difficult to complete the task within the time required by the customer alone, so it is necessary to complete the same task by multiple people through network technology. In addition, remote network technology is indispensable for remote page transmission

1.2 requirements of color prepress technology on software

software technology is indispensable in the development of computer technology. Software is the life of computer. Any computer has vitality only through relevant software. In software technology, the operating system is the bottom management software of the computer, which directly determines other software. As early as the mid-1980s, when Apple launched its Macintosh model, it took the lead in launching the MacOS operating system based on the graphical interface. Due to its remarkable advantages, the world-famous software manufacturers (such as adode, aidus, etc.) developed graphics and image software on its platform, starting the establishment of the color desktop system. In the 1990s, Windows95 and Windows98 operating systems developed by Microsoft accelerated the development and popularization of prepress system. A large number of graphics and image software previously running under MacOS operating system were transplanted to Windows platform. It is worth mentioning that today, with a large number of foreign software dominating the world, a number of domestic software developers, mainly PKU founder, have come to the fore. PKU founder's Weisi and Feiteng group edition software, with its Chinese typesetting advantages in line with national conditions, is deeply loved by the majority of users

2. The color electronic prepress system consists of three parts: data input, data processing and data output

2.1 data input

common data include graphics, images and text. The article summary of graphic and image input includes five parts: title, purpose, method, result and conclusion. Generally, scanning input is used. At present, some people also begin to use digital camera for direct input. Keyboard input is often used for text input, and other methods (such as OCR) have limited scope of use

2.2 data processing

data processing includes the modification, production and text arrangement of graphics and images, which are generally carried out by PC or Mac in relevant software

2.3 data output

there are several cases of data output in the prepress system: print output. The design, production, scheme and output are used as proofreading by black-and-white and color printers. Phototypesetting output. The design draft and scheme determined by the customer are imaged and output by laser Imagesetter to obtain CMYK four-color film for printing

3 development trend of color printing technology

color printing technology is developing rapidly, and the traditional plate making process and production process are facing severe challenges. At present, there are two technologies entering the market:

one is the computer direct output printing plate technology. This technology dispenses with the film process in the traditional prepress process, but gets the PS plate that can be directly put on the offset press by phototypesetting. Its advantage is that it reduces the point changes caused by the intermediate production process, reduces the production cost, and is more suitable for printing manufacturers. Its limitation is that the phototypeset PS plate is not easy to deliver and protect

one is digital printing technology. This technology directly connects the computer and the digital printing machine, and directly restores the computer data into printed matter without plate making. This technology is one of the latest printing technologies. Its advantage is that it can achieve the on-demand printing and high fidelity printing that the printing industry has long dreamed of. However, due to the imperfection of this technology, there are many problems affecting its popularization

in a word, color prepress technology is a new technology, which is related to computer technology and printing technology, and develops with their development. This new technology is constantly affecting all aspects of color prepress technology. There are many problems and problems waiting to be solved. We suggest that when adjusting the mold test conditions, only one condition maker can be adjusted at a time to study and solve them

source: color design and plate making center of Zhuzhou Institute of technology Author: Chen Xin

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