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Recently, it was reported that more than 30 children's eyes were burned, peeled and their eyesight decreased in a kindergarten in Taiyuan because their teachers mistakenly turned on the UV lamp. While we feel sorry for the children and resent the irresponsibility of the teachers involved and the school's inaction, should we think about a topic - standardized and safe operation of scientific instruments

in any case, it is understandable that teachers and schools should explain this matter and take responsibility for it. As for how to evaluate the school's refusal of parents to discuss and hate, there is no more evaluation here. From the perspective of the instrument man, I can only think of two questions: first, why have students entered the campus, but the ultraviolet lamp equipment used for disinfection has not been removed in time? Secondly, as school personnel, why do teachers not have the ability to distinguish UV lamps, or why does the school not teach students and teachers about the safety specifications for UV lamps

in fact, at present, ultraviolet disinfection lamps are not uncommon. Because of their simplicity, portability, good effect and no secondary pollution, ultraviolet disinfection lamps are widely used in families, schools and experimental places. It should be noted that a large amount of ultraviolet radiation will cause direct damage to the human body, and it will take a relatively large journey to reach a certain dose if ultraviolet disinfection requires irradiation for film stretching. Therefore, it is generally carried out by personnel familiar with the operation, and irrelevant personnel are prohibited from entering the disinfection site. After disinfection, in order to ensure that the instrument is not damaged and the safety of the masses, it should be removed and stored in time

it is obvious that the kindergarten in Taiyuan has neither been demolished in time nor popularized science to relevant personnel. In other words, the school has not made great efforts in the standardized and safe operation of UV lamps

of course, we do not pay attention to standardized operation and safety financing channels, and the full operation of the CDW (6) 0 impact test low-temperature tank does not stay on the use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp. In recent years, with the strong support of the state for laboratory construction, more and more precision instruments have begun to appear in the laboratory. However, the powerful function also means the improvement of operation requirements. Many laboratory instruments have repeatedly emphasized the strict operation in accordance with the instructions in the manual on the packaging

some people may think that torque alone is often limited. They think that as long as accurate results can be obtained, there is no need to be bound by the rules and regulations in the manual. However, in front of precision instruments, no rules can not achieve accurate results, and may damage the instruments, lead to the failure of experiments, and even directly harm the body

take the stereofluorescence microscope as an example. As a special instrument with ultraviolet light as the light source, the sample needs to be exposed to ultraviolet light. Generally speaking, the process of using stereoscopic fluorescent microscope is to place the sample on the stage, turn on the fluorescent microscope and start the UV lamp, and always pay attention to the starting frequency and working time of the UV lamp, and wear protective glasses when adjusting the light source. Normally, proper use can get twice the result with half the effort. However, if you do not pay attention to the details in these instructions, it will not only shorten the service life of the UV lamp, affect the observation accuracy, but also make the user's eyes suffer permanent damage

obviously, now scientific research instruments have been widely integrated into our lives, but while the instruments bring me convenience, we should pay more attention to the relevant safety issues of the instruments. As for the instruments and equipment such as UV disinfection lamp, in addition to carrying out certain science popularization, we should also allocate specialists to help use them. The standardized and safe operation of scientific instruments should be popularized and valued. Finally, I hope that the same tragedy will not happen again

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