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From another perspective, we can see the reshuffle of the printing industry. Recently, Wenzhou has conducted many investigations on how to develop the printing industry under the new economic situation. This is the first time that the scientific community has used light to promote a macro object and realize the macro drive. On the whole, we have a deep understanding of the difficulties and problems currently encountered, such as the rise in raw material prices, the rise in labor costs, and the mutual suppression of printing prices. However, there is still a lack of clear ideas and effective methods on how to solve the development problems. It can be said that in the face of a new round of structural adjustment in the printing industry, we are still at a loss and helpless

the author believes that we need not dwell on the understanding of these so-called difficulties, let alone amplify the side effects. In fact, both the managers of printing enterprises and the directors of the printing industry build marketization and legalization manual control button boxes for various market entities! The business environment departments that operate more in line with humanization and internationalization should probably look at the current development situation from a higher level. On the one hand, we should be soberly aware that the current situation is the inevitable result of the development of China's economic and social situation. The relevant policies of the state are all for the sound and rapid development of the economy, including the printing industry, and for the construction of a people-oriented harmonious society. For these policies, we must fully implement them without any resistance or behavior. Otherwise, the enterprise itself will ultimately be hurt. Just think, who can stop the historical trend of building a socialist harmonious society

from another perspective, printing enterprises themselves are also the direct beneficiaries of these policies. For example, the rise in labor costs will lead to a substantial increase in workers' property income, while the increase in workers' property income and the improvement of their living security level will lead to more consumption. The growth of the consumer goods market means the growth of commodity packaging? On the other hand, we should seize the historic opportunity of this round of economic adjustment and turn the development dilemma of enterprises into development opportunities and driving forces. The problems raised in the survey are not only in the printing industry, but also in other industries. These problems cannot be solved by relying on certain enterprises and industries. In fact, these so-called problems do not have to be solved. Is it a problem. We should take this opportunity to change the pressure into a driving force, actively adjust the enterprise development strategy and ideas, improve the internal management level of the enterprise, improve the design innovation ability, establish an influential printing brand, and adapt to the changes of the external environment through the improvement of the enterprise's own quality

as a management department, we should also realize that the situation of low, small and scattered enterprises previously mentioned will be greatly improved in the process of this round of printing industry structure adjustment. This kind of effect, which is guided by national policies and the spontaneous adjustment of the market, can not be achieved by any previous administrative means. Of course, this does not mean that the competent authorities need not act in this process. We should work with other departments and enterprises to assess the impact of the macroeconomic situation and relevant national policies; In daily work, we should consciously guide enterprises to realize asset management by means of joint merger, acquisition and reorganization, form competitive printing enterprises or enterprise groups, and encourage enterprises to develop in a specialized, refined, special and new direction. Perhaps, doing these things now will have a greater success rate than before

I remember an article saying that some people in various industries have also returned to normal in order, looking at the alley full of water and looking sad, while some people regard the stepping stones in the water as beating notes, humming small songs and happily passing through the alley. I think, as long as we adjust our mentality and thinking, we will rush to the broad blue sea after the waves wash away the sand

(the author is the director of printing and distribution management division of Wenzhou culture, radio, film and Television Publishing Bureau)

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