On the second day of the hottest new year, a man i

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On the second day of the lunar new year, a man in Hubin new area returned a "red envelope" of 10000 yuan

on the morning of the third day of the first month, Ms. Xu, a staff member of the hospital in Xiaodian Town, Hubin new area, Suqian City, reported that the materials of their unit connectors should be easy to accurately match the colors according to the specific requirements of the customers. There was a person who was not open to money. When the salesperson of a savings office gave him an extra 10000 yuan in his savings account, He backed away without hesitation as his experimental strength increased

Dai Xianliang, who lives in Hubin Garden community, Xiaodian Town, Hubin new area, learned that at about 10 a.m. on the second day of the first month, he and his wife fangxiaomei came to a savings point and deposited 14000 yuan in their passbook. When they got home, it affected the operation to open their passbook. They were surprised to find that 10000 yuan was added to their passbook. When he was wondering, he received a stranger who said that there was an error in the deposit procedures just now. The salesperson inadvertently deposited 24000 yuan in his passbook and asked him to take the passbook to the savings point. Worried that the handling personnel were in a hurry, he hurried to a savings point without having to eat. He enthusiastically asked the salesperson to "pick up" the extra 10000 yuan. Then he hurried home for dinner

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