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The rational charm of packaging (Part I)

the packaging of an enterprise is not just about image, nor is it just about image to earn economic benefits for the enterprise indirectly. Packaging can directly make profits for enterprises, that is to say, packaging itself has sales power. This is true for the packaging of enterprises, especially for the packaging of products of an enterprise. As far as the products of an enterprise are concerned, the material and spiritual interests it carries are not only what consumers buy, but also a communication tool for enterprises to face consumers directly

it can be said that for a product with a clear target audience, the quality of its commitment to and expression of the material and spiritual interests of the product, and the size of its communication power in front of consumers will directly affect the quality of a product market. However, many enterprises have not realized this well, or realized it, but failed to figure out how to do it

cx brand's practical experience in this field may bring some enlightened and beneficial enlightenment to these enterprises

cx brand is a new brand in fruit wine industry. Relying on the high-quality plum base in Eryuan, Dali, the "hometown of plum" in Yunnan, the brand adopts the advanced technology of full juice fermentation to produce fresh, elegant, mellow and fragrant high-quality plum wine. At the beginning of listing, after more than two months of strong promotion period, the monthly sales volume of Cx brand reached more than 700000 yuan in the third month, but after the strong promotion period, the sales volume in the fourth month showed a downward trend, and in the fifth month, the sales volume of Cx brand fell to more than 300000 yuan. CX has reached the stage where diagnosis is needed and the prices of cathode materials, ternary materials and lithium cobalt oxide have risen sharply

after some market research, it is found that the main reason for the decline in the monthly sales of Cx and its easy use is the decline in the sales volume of 500ml products. At the same time, several problems reflected in the early marketing process of Cx brand have something to do with its packaging

first, personalized products attract personalized consumers. In the fruit wine market, wine is the largest, and plum wine is a relatively personalized product. That is to say, in the plum wine market, in addition to competing directly with more than ten domestic and foreign plum wine brands, such as Dieshi, Beijing Fengshou, Zhejiang Taoda, etc., CX also faces the problem of how to expand the overall market share of plum wine from the market where wine dominates the fruit wine market. This is not what the CX brand can do, and the CX brand does not have such strength. But there is one thing CX can and should do. That is, in terms of bottle type and other product packaging, it should be clearly different from the product packaging of wine, so as to make the target consumers clearly understand: This is plum wine and CX plum wine, which is your choice similar to "not eating noodles and eating roll powder". But CX at that time failed to do so. It uses the same "orthodox" bottle shape, bottle label, color and other elements used by most wines

second, it is not consistent with the product characteristics. CX brand adopts the high-quality plum from Nanzhao ancient country Dali, and absorbs the Cangshan water from the source of Erhai Lake. These characteristics of raw materials endow CX with some distinctive product qualities. In addition, the legend of "green plum cooking on heroes" spread for nearly 3000 years has added cultural connotation to Cx. Besides, the product itself is characterized by freshness, elegance, mellowness and softness. It is brewed with 100% whole plum juice. Unfortunately, the packaging of Cx failed to highlight any of the product characteristics in the above content, and the product itself was especially diluted to the point where there was no sense and touch

third, there was no effective difference with the opponent, and the effect on the shelves was poor. Although CX plum wine was not put together with numerous wines, when it appeared on the same shelf with Beijing Fengshou, Zhejiang Taoda, etc., CX did not stand out. Because Beijing harvest uses white fine ground glass, which is crystal clear; Because Zhejiang Taoda adopts a strong and taller bottle type than ordinary wine bottles. In contrast, when CX plum wine is placed with them, it looks like a supporting clown, mediocre and unnoticeable. Obviously, the packaging of Cx is not different from that of wine, nor can it form an effective difference with direct competitors that can attract consumers' attention. It is difficult to obtain satisfactory sales revenue with such an effect

fourthly, the comprehensive factors mentioned above are the main reasons why CX brand lacks the ability to attract consumers' attention and promote accidental consumption, memory, acceptance and long-term consumption. The objective existence of these reasons has a direct impact on the market performance of Cx brand, which is an important reason for the huge drop in monthly sales of Cx without the support of marketing promotion

obviously, the packaging of Cx: bottle shape, bottle stickers, etc. have reached the time when they have to be changed, but how should they be changed? In fact, through the above analysis, it is not difficult for us to see that in order to make the packaging have enough promotional power, we must overcome a difficult point: how to make the packaging design and packaging style, which is very emotional in the traditional sense, become truly rational. The key to good anti-oxidation performance is to find a tool that can quantify relevant data indicators, facilitate the selection and comparison of packaging schemes, and conduct qualitative analysis for a packaging scheme. If the packaging of Cx brand wins through the inspection of this tool. Then the marketing performance of Cx brand will be greatly improved because of the strong packaging and promotion power


the "promotion power coefficient of political power packaging" that can solve the packaging problems of Cx brands

cx brands, like many private brands forced by the crisis, move very fast. After determining that the product packaging needs to be changed, CX searched for advertising design companies in the local area to invite bids for new packaging. However, when the four packaging design drafts selected by the scheme were placed in front of the desk, CX was in trouble again. Because these packages have their own advantages and disadvantages; Because, before the market inspection, you simply can not know the market feedback effect of a specific package. What if, according to the method of primary selection of the scheme, I choose a package that looks good on my own according to my aesthetic outlook, likes and dislikes and the so-called market experience, and the consumer doesn't admit it

like the experience of Cx brand in packaging, due to the characteristics of the consulting industry, the author has encountered many similar situations. For example: blindly believe in the so-called professional strength, and the professional strength also lacks the cognition and grasp of the promotion power of a certain package; According to their own aesthetic taste and so-called market experience, their subjective intention is forced into the packaging or packaging modification; In the face of many packaging schemes to be determined and dizzy, I don't know which one to choose and which one is the most powerful one to promote product marketing. The final result is to speed up the emergence of human relations packaging and rebate packaging. The existence of these problems further fully illustrates the need for Chinese enterprises to provide quantitative and qualitative tools for the size of packaging promotion

the task and mission of the consultant is to assist the enterprise in solving the problems encountered, which is to provide effective solutions to these problems. In order to obtain the quantitative and qualitative packaging promotion power test tools, the author's team first analyzed the main problems existing in the traditional packaging selection methods. And hope to find a way to overcome these problems

first, the traditional packaging selection method lacks market inspection and consumer testing before determining and using a certain package

second, the programs provided by the packaging design force, although they may have done research on the packaging of competitive products, consumer preferences, shelf effects, etc., are more creative. Among them, there are often rational deficiencies in sensibility, competition orientation, consumption orientation and humanization orientation

thirdly, the packaging mainly based on the basic requirements of good shelf effect and attracting consumers' attention will exist in many cases, which can not make consumers know the product characteristics at the moment they notice the product, which is not conducive to consumers' finding the products they want to try most. That is to say, this packaging is a "half pull project", which has caught the attention of consumers but failed to catch the hearts of consumers

after the above main problems have been clarified, a mathematical model for testing the packaging promotion power - "power packaging promotion power coefficient" has gradually become clear. The coefficient analysis is attached below

"promotion power coefficient of political power packaging" analysis:

promotion power coefficient of political power packaging = attention coefficient + product feature clarity coefficient + humanization coefficient + trial purchase rate coefficient + memory coefficient


a, attention coefficient refers to the proportion of the investigated target consumers who may notice the inspected packaging in the total number of the investigated people who notice the inspected packaging in the investigation. Other subsystems want to ensure the development of these pillar industries, and so on. In the product characteristic clarity coefficient, "characteristic clarity" refers to the clarity of the investigated target consumers on the product nature and general characteristics at the moment when they notice the inspected packaging. Humanization coefficient refers to the safety, convenience, applicability and other information conveyed by packaging to consumers

b. the larger the coefficient of promotion power composed of the sum of sub coefficients, the stronger the promotion power of packaging

it can be seen that the "power packaging promotion power coefficient" is actually a tool to select, determine and test the sales promotion power of marginal products such as packaging and decorations. This tool has refined and quantified the behaviors of marginal products such as packaging, which are more inclined to subjective will, based on their own aesthetics and likes and dislikes, the professionalism of the design company, the so-called market experience and the simple shelf effect. This refinement and quantification will make the previously elusive packaging promotion effect clear, and can be predicted and mastered in advance. The size of the promotion force coefficient obtained by testing it in the market (i.e. the predicted effect in this paper) is the basis for determining marginal products such as packaging

in a lecture on marketing, the person in charge of Cx brand came into contact with the author's "power packaging promotion coefficient" very accidentally, which finally helped CX brand make a decision. Next, let's take a look at how CX brand carries out the practice of "power packaging promotion coefficient"

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