On the rise of small package Baijiu Market

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On the rise of small packaged Baijiu market

small packaged Baijiu is rising day by day. From the earliest Red Star Erguotou and a few other enterprises, to now Luzhou Laojiao, Zhijiang Daqu, Jinjiu and other well-known brands have also begun to build their own small packaged products. Some people believe that the miniaturization of Baijiu packaging is a development trend, but others believe that small packaged Baijiu is a complementary product for only a small part of the market segment, with limited prospects

in line with the market trend

consumers are paying more and more attention to health and becoming more and more rational. The advantages of small package Baijiu, such as low unit price and small quantity, can meet different needs. For example, one or two people can choose twos, threeorfour people can choose half a kilo, and people with different preferences can also choose different products

-- liqing'an, marketing director of Hubei Jinpai Health Wine Co., Ltd.

in order to develop the brand, it is necessary to carry out product development so that this 1 was only an extension of the traditional means of transportation. The change of packaging is also a kind of product extension. Small package Baijiu can add new product appeal points for Baijiu, such as fashion, convenience, personality, etc., which is very helpful for broader market development

-- Wang Bin, manager of Advertising Department of Zhijiang liquor company

the market demand and the ability to add functions to components are becoming increasingly diversified, and the diversification of packaging is inevitable. At present, beer and beverages are packaged in different ways and supplied through different channels. Of course, Baijiu can do the same. Moreover, some small packaged Baijiu is very creative and can attract the attention of consumers

all our experimental machines here can be made - yuanhanqing of Zhengzhou ershang Trading Co., Ltd. is just a small fight

small bottle wine is a product related to the original product without conflict. It is good to enrich the market and make better and rational use of the sales network, but this product can only be a supplementary form of genuine products, which is at most a highlight in the market segment. We really need to expand channels, Always rely on mainstream products

-- Xiong Kang, sales manager of Chengdu Kangwang Liquor Co., Ltd.

at present, the mainstream consumption of Baijiu is banquet. High grade business liquor and government liquor are the main trends of future development, and most of the high-grade liquor acceptable to people is in the form of traditional large bottles. Small packaged Baijiu is only aimed at some niche market products, and its profit contribution will certainly be inferior to that of high-end liquor

-- xiaozhuqing, marketing president of Shandong Yihechun Liquor Co., Ltd.

many small bottles of wine used to appear as gifts. Although the volume is good now, the difference between them and genuine products is still very obvious. There are still many obstacles for small packaged Baijiu to ascend to the hall of elegance due to the elimination of the inherent impression of the user of the detailed explanation of the application scope of the down pull testing machine

-- sunwendong, Jinan Longma Liquor Co., Ltd

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