Long Dingtian's wooden door Harbin Exhibition Hall

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Long Dingtian's wooden door, a knife a moment, a little line, the craftsman's emotion and low-key luxury temperament, is not only home life, but also like an artistic aesthetics

plan of Longding Tianzhu wooden door pioneer store? Incredibly home

store address: Xianfeng Road (the intersection of Songshan road and Xianfeng Road) outside Harbin Road, the 5th floor of incredibly home

longdingtian wooden door +

one cut, one point, one line

craftsman's emotion and low-key luxury temperament

it's not just home life

it's more like an artistic aesthetics

leader wooddecoration

one cut, one point, one line

craftsman&39; S impressions and understood luxury

not just home life

more like an aesthetic of art

----- American luxury series ------

American luxury

material | Ming

material description

IVORY 2 # color

contrast pure white, like Ivory.White though white, But it is not too cold

its "temperature" seems to be higher

so it is loved by the owners

the combination of white and ivory ceiling

reflects a clean and tidy living environment, Pleasing

model: pj92a IVORY 2 # color

in the golden years

we strive to carve a very stylish life scene with multiple details

meet the needs of different lifestyles

let residents better build a personalized space story

--------- simple light American style

material | quality |.| say | Ming

material description

light camel 1# color

Light camel comes from nature

has a taste of urbanization

like a cup of just right green tea, strong but not dry, light and tasty

peaceful, but never boring

model: len-515 light camel 1 # color

customization, not the birth of a new personality

but the restoration of their own personality

not being given a new lifestyle

but their own lifestyle "activation", And realize

--------- light luxury series ------


material | quality | say | Ming

material description

technology silver rubber

Silver rubber is like the washed soil color

simple, classical, pure

its changes are like its low-key, silent

but let you know nothing.Unconsciously

immersed in its charm, Cannot extricate oneself

model: pt00a technology silver rubber

light luxury combines luxury and practicality

avoids the heaviness of carving through the display of details

creates the quality style of petty bourgeoisie

makes the overall atmosphere show a pleasant and elegant feeling

--------- new Chinese series ---

neo Chinese style

material | quality | say | Ming

.material description

family ebony

dark brown oily color

carrying a A kind of classical mellow flavor

the natural and clear texture is like ripples

gently carrying the inner peace

the precipitation of the passage of time, Let life gather mellow flavor

model: lpn-485 parquet ebony 2 # color

draw design inspiration from Chinese Ming and Qing art

take humanistic art as the origin

present the beauty of ancient and new design

integrate tradition and modernity perfectly

a door is no longer a simple wooden plate

it is a door that opens the aura of life

a door of environmental protection

take you to experience the original tranquility and beauty of New Zealand

simplicity Element and nature





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