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In life, people are used to placing a tea table next to the sofa, which is convenient for making tea; However, in addition to placing the tea table, what else can be placed? For example, side tables and side cabinets can be placed, and these small furniture will not only provide a certain degree of convenience, but also decorate the whole living room

tea table sofa matching strategy 1

this American style tea table sofa matching gives people a natural comfort, which is very relaxed and natural. The carving on the edge of the sofa, coupled with a brown solid wood coffee table, complement each other, highlighting the comfort and freedom of life

tea table sofa collocation Strategy II

this Korean tea table sofa collocation gives people a warm, elegant and aesthetic feeling, and exudes a clean and tidy home atmosphere. This Korean style is pursued by many young people. The dark sofa, coupled with the tea table carved in solid wood, is exactly what people like

tea table sofa matching strategy III

this European tea table sofa attaches great importance to quality and texture, and has strong practicality. With simplified lines and exquisite hand carving, it has the feeling of traditional European style, while the white furniture makes people feel humanistic and artistic style, but it is not pale and plain

tea table sofa collocation strategy IV

this Mediterranean tea table sofa adopts cotton fabric, which is fresh and natural, while the white solid wood tea table on the collocation is made of wood with simple lines and rounded edges. The whole collocation is like bathing on the beach, which is close to the natural soft color. In the combination design, pay attention to the space collocation, make full use of every inch of space, and reveal the ancient civilization

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