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On June 13, 2019, the dealers of Moganshan full house customized stores in southern Zhejiang Jinhua, Lishui, Quzhou and Wenzhou gathered at Jinhua Jinpan fashion hotel to complete a two-day centralized training. Let's feel the atmosphere of the scene ~

this training is given by a senior training teacher from the Training Department of Moganshan whole house customization company. The course mainly involves the knowledge explanation of the company's basic products, the theoretical study of new process products and the analysis of the advantages of designing new products. It aims to make the participating dealers have a deeper understanding of the company's products, and when serving customers, It can reflect the professionalism of Moganshan whole house customization staff and the quality of service

during the training, the trainers managed the training discipline in strict accordance with the requirements of the intensive training, and the dealers participating in the training also understood how important it is for store service personnel to have a clear understanding of professional product knowledge. Both the learning attitude and the actual learning performance reflected the quality that a professional household person should have

learning has always been an excellent tradition advocated by the company. As training teachers of the training department, they always update the latest product knowledge and process knowledge into their courseware in time, actively carry out online learning and offline classes, increase learning frequency, and also meet the learning needs of dealers with different schedules and different needs. At the end of the training, the teachers will also answer questions and consolidate knowledge for dealers according to the classroom content

finally, give the dealers two words:

learning is a must. Green, take it from blue, and green is blue. It is hoped that at the end of the training meeting, all dealers can still maintain their enthusiasm for learning, actively work hard to learn industry knowledge, product knowledge and service knowledge, and aim to surpass the theoretical knowledge of the training teachers and become better household people than excellent

it's easy to get on paper. You must know this and practice it. What the training teachers can do is to theorize the output of knowledge. Of course, there will be practical projects, but the short-term training practice is far more than practice in the actual store operation. It can accumulate experience and improve ability. How to digest the classroom knowledge and operate it into the store service is the next topic for the dealers present

the future belongs to good scholars

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