When do you order to install the doors and windows

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In recent years, driven by the real estate industry, aluminum alloy doors and windows have become the mainstream in the market because of their corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance, environmental protection, energy conservation and long service life. Then in the process of choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows, we must choose regular door and window manufacturers

during the decoration process, the replacement of doors and windows is also a major event, because if the doors and windows are not replaced during the decoration, it will be troublesome to replace the doors and windows after the decoration. Therefore, many owners will replace all the things of the house during the decoration, including doors and windows. At which stage of the decoration will the doors and windows be reserved and installed

doors and windows are customized products, and the sizes of doors and windows of each household are different. They are customized according to the different requirements of the owners and brands. Therefore, the replacement of doors and windows for decoration needs to be booked in advance. Generally, the ordering of doors and windows should be started before the decoration company enters the site or has entered the site. After the doors and windows are ordered, the door and window manufacturers need 10-50 days of processing, production and production arrangement process, and the installation time of doors and windows is only 1-2 days, When will the doors and windows be installed? Before decoration? Or is it under decoration? Or after decoration

there are many models and material sizes of doors and windows, so it is necessary to consider the blind mouth of the window cover when installing

doors and windows are generally installed when the wall is shoveled and puttying is finished. The kitchen and bathroom should be installed before tiling, so doors and windows are installed during the decoration process





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