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On May 24, Qingsong Ward's L12 new product was hot on the market. State secret security, smart life. Change the door lock to help you solve the troubles that should not exist in ordinary days

"you stinky boy, don't rummage through my bag any more. My keys are missing again!"

who didn't have a dying childhood, in fact, was full of curiosity about the adult world, so he would stretch out his hand. At that time, he was still young, and didn't consider the loss of items in his bag

worry and blame yourself for the blame of adults. But I never thought that when you grow up, there are more troubles waiting for you

take the children to buy vegetables and come back, always unable to take out the keys

forgetful and fast balding office workers, go downstairs every day and turn back to the door to confirm

when relatives come to visit, you are still blocked on the road, and they are embarrassed to stand at the door

a new smart lock bought by a neighbor was pried by a small black box the day before yesterday. You are worried

it's hard to replace the smart lock, but it's troublesome to install the gateway distribution network

on May 24, Qingsong ward L12 new products were hot on the market

state secret security, smart life

change the door lock to help you solve the troubles that shouldn't exist in ordinary days

the new L12 is in hot pre-sale, and I believe that you will not walk away with wisdom! At the same time, during the event from June 1 to 18, friends who rush to buy on the whole point (first come, first served) can give a 32g fingerprint USB flash drive free of charge. For details, please contact the backstage staff

Qingsong ward, let you control the safety of your home with one palm of your hand, steady




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